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• 3-concert subscription: Includes three chamber music concerts

• 4-concert subscription: Includes three chamber music concerts + November 10th organ recital 

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Princeton Subscription - 3 concerts
Princeton Subscription - 3 concerts + 1 recital
Solebury Subscription - 3 concerts
Solebury Subscription - 3 concerts in PA + 1 Princeton recital
Single Tickets
I- Bach Cantata Fest
Concert 1 Solebury, October 20
Concert 1 Princeton, October 21
Bach Recital at Miller Chapel
Organ Recital-November 10, 2018 at Miller Chapel
II- Queen Christina
Concert 2 Solebury, January 19
Concert 2 Princeton, January 20
III - Musica Stravagante
Concert 3 Solebury, April 6
Concert 3 Princeton, April 7